We are what we eat – so what are we eating?

The genetic characteristics of the different cultivars lie at the root of the superb quality of European olives; each has its special aroma and flavour and together they represent a true feast of the senses.

There are olives… and then there are olives

All too often we tend to summarily divide them into black and green, but there’s so much more to discover about European olives, with a huge variety of different flavours, textures and nutritional factors just waiting to be explored, the first important step in getting to know this important part of our common heritage.
Because the Europe on the warm shores of the Mediterranean produces some olives which are delicious in a whole host of dishes or simply savoured on their own and others that are best pressed into superb quality extra virgin olive oil.

And talking of extra virgin olive oil…

…each of Europe’s Mediterranean countries produces a huge variety of different extra virgin olive oils, many of them meriting PDO or PGI labels and each of them with its own special colour, flavour and nutritional excellence; an absolute must in a healthy diet.
If a light fruity olive oil goes well with salads, while a more intense aroma enhances dishes with more elaborate flavours, choosing your oil according to its origin will also add variety to your diet, because every different variety of European olive oil has unique characteristics. Which is why it’s well worth getting to know them all, because each one can add something special to your favourite recipes and help maintain a healthy daily diet.