The “High Quality European Olive Oil” campaign by Unaprol, the largest association of Italian olive oil producers, co-funded by the EU and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, aims to raise awareness on the unique qualities of these products among as wide an audience as possible.
The project mission is to affirm the unique, recognizable identity of quality European olives and olive oil through sound reasoning, presenting data and facts that can be verified by consumers and operators in the sector.
The campaign hinges on raising awareness among all those interested in quality European olives and olive oil.
Counterfeiting, a market standardised to low quality levels and labelling loopholes have all helped to make recognising quality and differentiating factors in olive oils difficult.
To counter this negative perception raising awareness on products, their characteristics and the need to make well-informed choices is essential.
In a similar scenario quality European olives and extra virgin olive oils inevitably stand out, thanks to their scientifically-proven nutritional excellence and the invaluable contribution they make to a modern, balanced diet.
This project sees a grassroots approach to its different targets, in order to promote the importance of diversity in quality European olive products from an environmental, economic, social, nutritional and gastronomic point of view.
The unique quality of European olives and olive oil is underpinned by the biodiversity and the nature and landscape of the Mediterranean.

This project is key to raising awareness of their virtues.
This is a heritage that deserves to be cherished, preserved and enhanced in order to make a real contribution to food culture, healthy diets and, in particular, to the preservation of a unique landscape.
For the benefit of today’s communities and the generations to come.