The products will be promoted in Italy (a “traditional consumer” country), Germany and the UK (“new consumer” countries) to all stakeholders, with the aim of stimulating well-informed purchasing and consumption patterns to enhance the economic, social and cultural profile of these exceptional resources.
In the strategic overview, the project identifies all recipients and stakeholders relevant to the wider dissemination of the message:
• consumers, particularly young people, families and procurement managers;
• retail buyers, Ho.Re.Ca. and specialist outlets;
• opinion leaders and opinion makers.
The idea is both to communicate and educate, with an emphasis on providing the right information directly to consumers through retail outlets and events.
In Italy, where the products are already well-entrenched in consumption patterns, the campaign will focus on engaging trendsetters (particularly young people and opinion leaders) through creative, innovative messages, thus stimulating consumption and modernizing the image of products mainly rooted in traditional models.
In Germany and the UK, where the aim is to raise awareness of quality for products which are not in such common use, the campaign will focus on increasing visibility for olives and olive oils, promoting the products through their nutritional benefits, their flavour and the theme of the healthy Mediterranean diet to encourage their use over other traditional fats.

One of the campaign claims for “new consumer” countries is “Smile at the Taste, Smile at the Well-being”, aimed at promoting consumption as part of a modern healthy lifestyle rich in a variety of flavours and nutritional benefits guaranteed by high quality products.
For these countries traditional serving suggestions have been flanked by creative cuisine ideas and ways of integrating the products into local dishes.
Here the campaign calls for a higher level of technical support, involving key movers such as stakeholders in trade, opinion leaders, specialised press etc., through information of concrete professional use designed to promote product use.