After all the production phases, the oil moves on to bottling, which may occur immediately or after a period of storage. First of all, the oil is placed in stainless steel tanks, in a dark environment with controlled temperature. Before the oil moves on, several chemical and physical tests, as well as panel tests, are required in order to determine its quality. If bottling must take place immediately, the oil is filtered to remove all impurities; if the oil is to be stored longer, the filtering takes place after a few months.

The phase of actual bottling takes place after filtering: the oil is pumped from the storage tanks into the bottle filling machine, which must be set to the desired format; the bottles are first sprayed with high-pressure compressed air to remove any particles or impurities. After this operation, the bottles are sent for filling, which takes place by depression (that is, by emptying them of the air they contain). Once filled, the product is levelled and a specific machine applies the cap, creating the thread and the sealing.