So how is it made?

Producing high quality olives and extra virgin olive oil is something Mediterranean Europe has been doing for thousands of years.
Today this unique cultural heritage of careful husbandry and craftsmanship is supported by a rational supply chain which means you can track every step, every single element of the process. History and tradition have taught us how important olives and extra virgin olive oils are for our well being, and now this know-how has been enriched by modern production methods and the necessary tools to track quality along the whole production process.
High-quality olives are certainly the starting point for an excellent extra virgin olive oil, but you also need a controlled supply chain certified in each of its crucial phases: harvesting, milling, extraction, filtration and packaging are all essential to quality.
A process that also respects stringent environmental parameters, because olives and extra virgin olive oil require very little to be delicious and nutritious, it is the way nature made them.