Where: olive geography

So where are my olives and extra virgin olive oils from?

Only an area characterized by such a huge range of biodiversity as Mediterranean Europe could yield so many unique products with such different characteristics, the result of the unique morphological and environmental characteristics of the areas where its wonderful olives and extra virgin olive oil originate.
Mediterranean Europe presents a great diversity and wealth of landscapes, each with its own unique conditions to treasure, producing a precious heritage of olives and extra virgin olive oils as they have been doing for thousands of years.
The first and foremost virtue of European olives and extra virgin olive oil are their deep roots in the rural landscape and culture, where ancestral olive groves have been passed down from generation to generation, enriching local gastronomic traditions with a thousand different flavours.
A huge heritage of endless hectares of land, millions of olive trees and hundreds of different species or cultivars.
Each corner of Mediterranean Europe can be said to jealously guard its fruits, each different, waiting to be enjoyed in the form of table olives or of fine extra virgin olive oils for your daily well-being.