If we think of high quality extra virgin olive oil we think of a product capable of combining ancient imaginary and cutting-edge techniques, traditional scenarios and innovative experiments.

Following on from these pairings we decided to listen to the voice of a mother-blogger: at the same time, therefore, a timeless figure in the natural and social order of the world, who however chose to undertake a contemporary professional path with success and in step with the urgencies of the moment.

Today, Ida Galati is an affirmed influencer: a profession of the latest generation in which she has to contend every day with frenetic rhythms, a dynamic social life and, in many cases, frequent travel and trips. With her we touch on purely maternal themes associated with notes, mechanisms and working “tricks” that certainly arouse strong curiosity.

Olive oil is indispensable in children’s diet and should be introduced from the earliest phases of weaning. As a mother, do you agree? Why?

I agree, because it is the only condiment I have always used and I know that in the right quantities it offers a series of beneficial factors for the body. I like it and we like it bitter, fruity and slightly spicy, so I’ve always bought it in my beloved Calabria, often directly from farmers: their oil is special.

A recipe with extra virgin olive oil for your child that is perhaps delicious, colourful and quick to make?

As a hectic businesswoman, I confess to being too little at home!

Despite having lived in Rome for 20 years now, I never forget my origins and I always cherish one of the special snacks of my childhood, which is also the fastest recipe in the world: bread and oil! I must tell you that I am very attentive to our diet, so when I propose this option we go out to buy fresh bread, which must be strictly wholegrain and crisp, and we season it with our oil and then decide how to add to it. The favourite ingredients are walnuts, avocado or dark chocolate, with a pinch of salt.

Frenetic rhythms, photo shoots, fashion shows, interviews and a social life to cultivate constantly: how important is speed in the kitchen and how important in this sense are top quality raw materials that guarantee the health of your child?

Very important! That’s why, as I told you, we spare no expense on oil, or on organic flour (we all risk becoming intolerant to flour, however refined it is). When I can, I like to go round a special local market on a Saturday, where I always go looking for my farmers: it’s the only thing that makes me think about choosing non-polluted crops. Most of the time I admit I don’t have the time and so in those cases we try out the organic supermarkets, with the hope that the certifications save us and allow us to make the most appropriate choices.

Furthermore, in choosing I let myself be guided by my nutritionist: thanks to her, I have lost six kilos, taught my whole family to eat well and choose the right products. I have also understood how to satisfy the desire for sweet things (which appeal to all members of my family), choosing those that don’t harm us.

Extra virgin olive oil and feminine beauty: so not only an elixir of health at the table but also a precious ally in cosmetics and care for the body. Are there any extra virgin olive oil-based products you would recommend?

I use oil-based body and hair products. For the body I’m very happy with cream based on extra virgin olive oil and for my hair I use mask packs once every two weeks that contain avocado oil, lemon extract and, of course, olive oil.

Introducing agro-food excellences to little ones. How do you get them to approach such a discipline, while keeping lightness and fun?

With outings to farms! At the age of 3, my son has already (and from very close up) known cows for some time now. Luckily, school, exhibitions and interactive books help raise awareness among children on this subject and I always take advantage of this.

Why give preference to extra virgin olive oil compared with other plant oils?

Although I’m not a nutritionist, so I don’t know its properties in depth, I would say for sure its unparalleled taste and its versatility: compared with other oils it is better preserved and can be used for cooking, frying and on its own!

A post dedicated to extra virgin olive oil. What would you write? What image would you attach?

I would write about my land, about my childhood, about the thought that my mother always has for us when she asks us if we still have enough or if she has to order a little more. The image would certainly be linked to the land and the family, to protective love.