Discovering the places of EVO oil with a Designation of Origin production, here are the territories you cannot miss during your tour of the marvellous Eastern Sicily.


Let’s start from Syracuse, in the south-eastern Sicily. Naming it, you immediately think of the Greek theatre, an archaeological site, but also a real theatre still today; in fact, the most beautiful comedies and tragedies of Greek literature continue to be staged there.

With the advent of Christianity on Ortigia island, the ancient centre of the city, the “Natività di Maria Santissima” Cathedral was built, incorporating the ancient temple dedicated to Athena (Minerva).

Another thing to do near Syracuse? Taste toasted bread with a little raw Olio Monti Iblei DOP… a local delight!


Let’s explore the territories around Catania: we remember Caltagirone, “the City of Ceramic and Nativity Scenes”, while gourmands should not miss Maletto, with its strawberries, and Bronte, the famous “City of pistachio”. Continuing along the slopes of Etna, where the Olio Monte Etna DOP is produced, we also find Paternò with the historically interesting Norman Castle, and Zafferana with its “Ottobrata,” the famous event that takes place every Sunday in October.

On the Etna, you can visit the caves, walk on the edge of the craters, challenge vertigo at “EtnAvventura” park and enjoy incredible views. And Catania is very near.
Finally, there are Acireale, Aci Trezza and Aci Castello, three seaside towns. The first one with “La Timpa” Nature Reserve and its famous trekking route “Le Chiazzette”; Aci Trezza, home of Giovanni Verga (as well as the setting of “I Malavoglia “) with its legendary “faraglioni;” the last one with the Castle of Aci, of Byzantine origin.


Finally, right on the tip of the north-eastern Sicily, we meet Messina.

On the east coast, there are numerous seaside towns, such as Giardini Naxos, Letojanni, Sant’Alessio Siculo, Santa Teresa di Riva, Roccalumera, and Nizza di Sicilia. All of them are peculiar towns with beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and excellent fish, especially when dressed with a little Olio Valdemone DOP, produced right in the province of Messina.

And how not to mention Taormina, a much-desired destination both by tourists and VIPs. It is located at 206 meters above sea level, on a terrace of Mount Tauro. Taormina is a crossroads of countless cultures, not just ancient like the Roman and the Norman ones: even today, among its streets, hundreds of people come from all over the world to visit it. And taking the “funivia,” you’re right at the beach, in front of the enchanting “Isola Bella,” connected to the coast by a thin strip of land that can be crossed in Summer. Both Taormina and “Isola Bella” are on the list to become UNESCO World Heritage sites.

We can conclude the tour with the Aeolian archipelago, an oasis in which you can enjoy unique landscapes, amazing sea, excellent cuisine, and warm people. Lipari, Vulcano, and Panarea are the most popular islands, but the lucky ones manage to visit them all, including Salina, Alicudi, and Filicudi.